Progesterone Thyroxine Machine for Dogs


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  •  Multi-use: With different types of test cards, it can test cProg and T4 respectively. replace different code cards to get various data results of canine progesterone and thyroxine for dogs and cats.

Portable And Large Screen: Small size, ultra-portable. Use disposable test cards and refuse to carry contamination. Convenient and accurate results. 4.3-inch LCD touch screen displays test results, making them easy to read.

Easy To Test And Instant Results: Easy to use in just 4 steps, wait slightly for 10-15 minutes to get the results. No need to mail samples to the lab, effectively saving time and reducing the cost of expensive veterinary visits.

Large Data Storage Capacity: Stores up to 3000 test results with date and time. A health profile can be created on the device for each pet, making it easy to view historical health status.

Complimentary Reagents: With the purchase of the device, 10 sets of cProg and 10 sets of T4 reagents are included with the device, matching the consumables needed for a total of 20 tests, which is a great deal and a great savings. They can be purchased separately after they are used up.


Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (TRFIA), Guarding The Health of Pets

One Machine With Multiple Tests: There are two test cards for canine progesterone test and thyroxine test for dogs and cats.

High Accuracy: With the wide linear range, TRFIA technology provides lab-quality results without compromising accuracy, even in demanding climates, because the fluorescence signal can be amplifier million times by adding enhancement.

3000 Data Storage: Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer has a large storage capacity and can create an exclusive health file for pets, making it easy to record and read at any time.

Full-screen Design: 4.3-inch large touchable LCD screen for fast display of test results and at-a-glance results data within 15 minutes.

Easy Operation & Automatic Measurement: Only 4 steps are required for use. Insert the corresponding test card into the card slot, and it will automatically measure.

Quick test: Results are available within 15 minutes.

Includes 20PCS Reagent Kits: Comes with 10pcs each for progesterone and thyroxine test kits, 20pcs in total, including all the consumables needed for 20 tests. Each test is individually package with good seal and light shielding, easy to carry and storage.

Reagent Kits Can Be Purchased Separately: When you run out of test strips, you can purchase the test strips from the link in the description on this product page, or from the MongGo store.

After-sales Service: If you have any questions about the product, you can send us an email and we will reply within 24 hours.





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